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Thank you to my clients for giving me regular and constructive feedback that helps me grow as a consultant, as a coach and as a trainer.  I appreciate your honesty and your challenge. For my most recent testimonials, please see my LinkedIn testimonials.

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Hannah is one of, if not the, most selfless, values-driven leaders I’ve ever met. If you’re doing a good thing that will help education, she’ll back you. Hugely knowledgeable and experienced and very well connected. A great person to have on your team.

Niall Alcock

FounderWe Are in Beta

When it comes to authentic and courageous leadership, Hannah is unbeatable. Her value-driven approach allows her to be precise and focused whilst taking an empathic approach. One of the leadership traits I admire the most in Hannah is her commitment to asking the difficult questions that others avoid, and this has been evident in her work encouraging Diverse Leaders. She is fearless and highly skilled at driving change, even in complex situations. Hannah is a catalyst and can cause a mindset shift in one conversation. Her leadership creates leaders.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Author & Speaker

Hannah is a unique and inspirational leader. Her moral compass and utter commitment to doing everything possible to effectively prepare young people for their future stands out… but this is just a part of Hannah’s appeal. She clearly inspires all around her with an amazing student culture and a highly engaged, motivated and committed staff team. But her reach extends beyond this, not just all stakeholders in her immediate community (students, parents, staff, local community) but also to the wider education community with her pioneering leadership work with #WomenEd and leading/challenging school thinking and practice at a national level, such as around wellbeing, citizenship and purpose of education more generally. She is an inspiration to all that are lucky enough to meet and work with her.

Douglas Archibald

DirectorWhole Education

Hannah is a transformational leader in education. She puts values at the heart of everything she does and then makes sure that things get done! Her Twitter handled of @Ethical_Leader is very accurate and she strives to support learners of all backgrounds, gender, race and religion. She is quick to identify barriers to learning and put in place actions to remedy these. She goes out of her way to support and empower colleagues, offering support and challenge as necessary and always with a clear focus of the benefits of improved teaching and learning.

Neil Brading

DirectorOutset Education

If you are looking to work with someone who has an infectious passion for making positive change happen, you will love working with Hannah. She has a wealth of experience at a senior leadership level and is hugely committed to the diversity agenda. I have benefitted personally from Hannah’s wisdom and guidance on these issues on a number of occasions.

Andy Buck

Founding DirectorLeadership Matters

An inspirational female leader and speaker. I recommend Hannah very highly. She speaks very engagingly and passionately, challenging her audience to question their own self- imposed limits – and she makes it great fun too!

Siobhan Denning

Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach

Hannah is incredible. She is a dexterous and measured facilitator, and she holds space to support growth and reflection with real expertise and care. Her work supporting and leading women is done through the culmination of many different roles and experience and an unwavering demonstration of her values-based leadership. She is a rare combination of both ‘a safe pair of hands’ and a dynamic, change making and exciting visionary. Always a pleasure to meet minds and work alongside her.

Yinka Ewuola

Business Coach and Strategist

Hannah is one of our Leadership Matters Ambassadors and is at the forefront of our beliefs around wellbeing and diversity. She is lovely to work with and passionate about up to date professional learning concepts. Hannah regularly contributes to our articles with high quality written content. Hannah also led a keynote at our Annual Conference that was well received. I would certainly recommend her to be a part of your network and look forward to our future working relationship.

Jamie Ganley

Head of PartnershipsOceanova

Hannah embodies female strength for me. She came into my professional life at a time when I was struggling to reconcile what I stood for with the work I was doing and gave me the self-belief that I needed to take ownership of my decisions and find a context where I thrived. Through this latest phase in my career, she has been the best possible kind of critical friend, always being ‘there’ – kind but never patronising; empathetic but always pragmatic. She is, in short, an inspiration.

Dr Emma Kell

Author & Speaker

Hannah is an inspiring and innovative leader who’s every thought and deed is about making life a little better for the children and staff in her care. I hugely admire her passion and energy and have very much enjoyed the times we have worked together.

Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Mental Health Advisor

Hannah is a passionate and knowledgeable educator. She inspires others to be critically reflexive, raising awareness of diverse and contemporary issues in education, offering a refreshing perspective. Hannah is amazing at bringing out the best in people – she always treats others with kindness, care and respect and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Nicola Masters

ITT Tutor & Associate Lecturer

Fierce, fair, gentle and challenging aren’t characteristics that go together in one person – but they do with Hannah and that’s what make her So Good! I am the last person who wants to take part in a coaching group, or anything leadership-y. But Hannah is such an incredible facilitator and an all-round positive approach that not only did I get involved with her coaching work but I found it inspiring, useful and it has changed the way I think about coaching. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a facilitator for a group, for themselves, or even reluctant colleagues.

Laura McInerney

Co-Founder of Teacher Tapp & Educational Journalist

Hannah is one of those of the special people who is an advocate for excellence and quality. I have had the pleasure of working with her on many occasions and I am always impressed at how she aligns her work to a strong values structure and sense of service in her leadership. Whether at the helm of an organisation or working to serve others on their leadership journey, Hannah is competent, able and a wonderful asset to the world of education. My full recommendation comes without reservation.

Diana Osagie

Leadership Consultant & Coach

Working with Hannah has been a delight as well as a challenge. The challenge has come from her clear understanding of what motivates whilst realizing that this needs support & her determination to get buy-in from her clients. Her passion for diversity & reaching potential shine through at all times which gives you such confidence to take her ‘homework’ on board. If you are in a place where you need support, inspiration & a gentle but firm nudge to get moving, Hannah is your coach.

Julia Skinner

Chair of Governors and former Headteacher

Hannah’s presentation to colleagues from our family of schools was warm, wise and insightful. She explored the concept of values-led leadership and throughout demonstrated authenticity, intelligence and compassion. Since that time, I have worked with Hannah to host her Diverse Educators III unconference. Without a doubt, Hannah’s generosity of spirit and energy is limitless. She lives her words in championing teachers and educational leaders from diverse backgrounds. It is clear from the wealth of relationships that Hannah forges that she exemplifies her values to drive equality, inclusion and diversity.

Antonia Spinks

Co-CEOPioneer Education Trust

Hannah is an absolute powerhouse in the education space, championing gender balance and diversity more broadly. She drives positive change by building collaborative and dynamic networks, both at home and overseas.

Fiona Tatton

Founder and Editor in ChiefWomanthology

Hannah is a wonderful coach and facilitator who works tirelessly to help nurture strong female leaders. I am grateful to be coached by Hannah and her support is making a bit impact on my personal and professional development.

Paulina Tervo

Co-Founder and Co-CEOLyfta

Hannah is an empowered woman who empowers other women. She does an amazing job of gathering women together to create powerful circles that inspire them and lead them to action. She is an amazing role model and is both compassionate and challenging, listening to learn and ask questions that move you forward. I love that she is a heart-centred and ethical leader and would always want to be on Hannah’s team and in her circle.

Caroline Tyrwhitt

Mindset Coach and Author

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