Leadership Presence

Leadership presence is made up of several facets. Presence is the ability to take command of a room, assume a leadership role amongst various audiences, share our thinking and opinion with confidence, and strike a balance between talking and listening such that our communication style is both persuasive and impactful.

Leadership presence is a perception that is deeply rooted in organisational and cultural biases: perceived confidence through words; perceived confidence through body language; ability to ask clear, meaningful questions; ability to craft and defend a clear point of view; being able to hold steady and participate effectively in debate; being able to stand one’s ground; expressed passion; asking questions at the right “level”.


Daily Writing Challenge

Hannah started a daily writing challenge to explore global human values during the lockdown. Explore the collection of 500+ blogs by 90+ authors.



Hannah publishes blogs from the Diverse Educators’ community exploring a range of DEI issues.


Ethical Leader

Hannah blogs regularly on a range of topics she is passionate about including leadership, values, wellbeing and resilience.


The Hopeful HT

Hannah’s blog as a founding headteacher of 2 start-up schools charts her journey from appointment to departure.


Lockdown Leadership

Hannah publishes anonymous blogs by school leaders through lockdown to ensure voices are heard, without vilification, to share the experiences of those at the chalkface.


Monthly Writing Challenge

Hannah has started a legacy writing challenge – a slower opportunity to write on a theme each month.


Regaining Your Mojo

When we lose our mojo we can often lack energy, lack enthusiasm, lack self-belief, lack self-confidence or lack direction. We could say that losing our mojo is when we feel less successful. I would say it is also when we feel less in control.

We then make a concerted effort to hunt for our mojo. We track it down, we find it (again) and we grab it with both hands so that we do not lose it again.


What People Say

If you are looking to work with someone who has an infectious passion for making positive change happen, you will love working with Hannah. She has a wealth of experience at a senior leadership level and is hugely committed to the diversity agenda. I have benefitted personally from Hannah’s wisdom and guidance on these issues on a number of occasions.

Andy Buck

Founding DirectorLeadership Matters

When it comes to authentic and courageous leadership, Hannah is unbeatable. Her value-driven approach allows her to be precise and focused whilst taking an empathic approach. One of the leadership traits I admire the most in Hannah is her commitment to asking the difficult questions that others avoid, and this has been evident in her work encouraging Diverse Leaders. She is fearless and highly skilled at driving change, even in complex situations. Hannah is a catalyst and can cause a mindset shift in one conversation. Her leadership creates leaders.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

Author & Speaker

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