Coaching Feedback

Hannah has coached, and is coaching, a lot of people. If you are thinking about investing time and money in yourself, to develop yourself personally and professionally, then you need to find a coach that resonates with you.

Hannah’s coaching style is supportive yet challenging, she will create a safe space and listen deeply to you, but she will also push you out of your comfort zone. If you want a coach to help you get clarity, to help you learn about yourself and to help you embrace the best (that is the most authentic, fulfilled and empowered) version of you, then get in touch.

Here is some of the feedback Hannah has received from coaching clients this year…

Hannah and I worked together over a period of 6 sessions and I found my personal growth and resilience goals consolidated through Hannah’s guidance. Hannah created a safe space within which I felt listened to, was able to tie together past progress and learning milestones, and integrate these into a plan for who I needed to be for my new stage of life and work.

It felt validating to give concrete shape to certain long-standing aims that I had temporarily put on pause, and to do so with a values-base that best suits who I am. Hannah’s supportive and empowering frameworks and questioning helped me to craft a plan for growth that I am staying true to in the months ahead.

Aditi Singh

Assistant Principal

One of the best investments I made in my professional career was to have Hannah as my coach. What I value most about Hannah is that she is genuinely interested in me and my progress. She celebrates my wins and skilfully guides me through my uncertainties by giving me ideas to think through and the space to make decisions.

Hannah is an expert in her field and has opened my eyes to a wide network of resources and support to help me achieve my career goals. One such resource was the Resilient Leaders Element (RLE). This was an excellent tool that helped me identify my strengths and provided me with solid feedback on what I could do to develop resilience as a leader. If you are looking for a coach who will challenge you, support you and is who is skilled and knowledgeable in their field of work – then I would highly recommend working with Hannah.

Elizabeth Walsh-Iheoma

Head of Division

I have been working with Hannah for a year now and have been challenged to reflect and review my practice. I have had great support which l use everyday in my role and have been empowered to develop myself further. Having Hannah as my coach is one of the best things that has happened to my professional life.

Bridget Chida

Assistant Vice Principal

Hannah is an excellent coach – she challenged me to think about my leadership in different ways and using the RLE framework helped me to establish who I am as a leader. My confidence in my own abilities to lead grew with Hannah’s support and challenge. Thank you, Hannah!

Hayley Leyshon-Brady


Everyone needs a Hannah in their life. It’s really that simple! As a leader in education, with an ever changing and developing role, I have hit ups and downs, decisions that were hard to make and strategies that didn’t seem obvious. Having Hannah has really given me focus, made me understand ‘me’ and helped me to understand that my authentic self is me at my best.

I had never realised before this coaching how valuable it would be. I find I look forward to the sessions where I can bounce my ideas off Hannah, talk through hard times and strategically plan my next move. It’s great to be able to see things from all angles and Hannah has helped me do that.
I couldn’t say enough to recommend Hannah as it would never be enough. Thank you.

Traysi-Jayne Higgin


I have completed two coaching courses with Hannah; one was as part of a small group and one was paIred leadership coaching programme. Both were amazing and have had a significant, long term impact on my development as a professional and an individual.

Hannah provided an excellent balance of support and challenge and the coaching she provided has without doubt, developed both my leadership skills and my confidence. I would absolutely recommend Hannah to any leader who wants to grow and develop themselves.

Laura Youngman

Head of School

Hannah is an authentic and inspirational coach – her values-driven approach is a breath of fresh air! She goes above and beyond to support and empower others to rise to challenges; overcome setbacks; develop resilience and to reflect. She is a gem – an absolute pleasure to work with.

Hidaya Hallak

Head of Department

Hannah is an excellent coach and I have benefited from all of the courses and workshops I’ve attended with Hannah, especially Reclaim Your Mojo. It was a great way to evaluate my career, personal choices and values and has helped me think more purposefully about the future. Hannah has such a personable, kind and informative approach. She made me feel very comfortable, she listened and I learned a great deal from Hannah too.

Zahara Chowdhury

EDI Lead

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