If you are thinking about engaging with Hannah as a leadership development consultant, coach or trainer. If you are looking to collaborate with her on a project or event, or book her to speak at an event. Then hear what her clients have to say.

Leadership Consultancy, Coaching and Training

Hannah is an incredibly inspiring leader. An expert networker she brings the best out of all of those she works with. Passionate about diversity, equity and education she works with a moral purpose aligned to her own strong set of values. She adds value in every sense to individuals and organisations alike.

James Pope

Co-Executive Director
Whole Education

Leadership Masterclasses and Network Leadership

Hannah has worked very constructively with the AET team on our EEDI strategy, and in particular on our Remarkable Women pillar. She is a fantastic speaker and facilitator of workshops. Hannah knows her stuff in terms of the barriers that women face and the actions that all leaders can take to address these. We are extremely happy to be working with Hannah this year.

Louise Cooper


Leadership Masterclasses and Network Leadership

It has been one of the highlights of my professional career to work with Hannah. She has enabled the women of AET to find their voice. The training and support she gives is second to none and the impact of her work at scale and all job families is spectacular. This is more than empowerment, this is legacy.

Lauren Costello

Director of Education

Leadership Programme and Coaching - Whole School

Hannah is an inspirational, transformational, hugely positive relational leader. Her energy is incredible and her focus laser-sharp yet gentle: you would pay money for the kind of attention Hannah manages to give both individuals and a ‘room.’ She has been working with Rugby School in a variety of areas around diverse education. She has been a wise and challenging counsellor, and above all she has created a programme for our female staff – teaching and admin – which has enhanced the group’s energy, self-esteem, authenticity and growth. Hannah is awesome and deserves the widest possible recognition and influence!

Justin Muston

Rugby School

DEI Consultancy and Training

British Schools in the Middle East are delighted to benefit from Hannah Wilson’s leadership and service, from WomedEd to the invaluable work of Diverse Educators. Hannah has provided training to the BSME Team, led webinars for the wider education community in the region, contributed to our Leadership Matters network and trained Support Staff in 72 BSME schools around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Beyond that, Hannah is always willing to make herself available to leaders for guidance and support!

Olivia Roth


Trust Conference Keynote

Hannah led the keynote for our EDI INSET in November 2021 delivering an assured address to an audience of 500 colleagues across the MAT. To add value, she co-presented with another leader. Their keynote was well-designed and presented with credibility & vigor. It dovetailed well with our strategic priorities because Hannah met with us in advance and did her homework! So the keynote landed well. We are looking forward to building on our relationship and doing more work with Hannah and her network of contacts. A satisfied customer! Thank you, Hannah.

Andrew Steward

Cathedra Schools

Network Leadership Masterclass

Hannah provided an excellent talk for our Leadership Matters webinar at BSME focussing on developing leadership opportunities and skills for women. Incredibly knowledgeable and catered well for our Middle Eastern audience.

Jane Clewlow

Brighton College, Dubai

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