The Resilient Leaders Development Programme is a virtual coaching tool that you can work with individually and with your coach.

What I do:

  • Clarity of Direction and Resilient Decision Making: setting a context, knowing where you are, where you want to get to and focusing on results.

Who I am:

  • Awareness and Leadership Presence: channelling your emotions, motivating yourself and others in a positive and purposeful way.

The coaching platform has three key tools.

The Strength Engine:

  • Define what you are good at so that you can use this knowledge to stay strong in difficult times and remind yourself of your strengths when you are doubting yourself.

The Challenge Engine:

  • Take challenges that your ‘virtual coach’ sets for you in areas that you need to focus on and reflect on what you learn in the process.

The Feedback Engine:

  • See other people’s feedback on your strengths and your areas for development whilst understanding both how you see yourself and how you are seen.

Your Resilient Leaders Elements Consultant will work with you to understand your progress and how to accelerate.

Find our more about the virtual coaching:

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