What Is Empowerment?

Empowerment is the degree of autonomy and self-determination we have as people and as communities. Empowerment enables us to represent our interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on our own authority.

What Are the Different Types of Empowerment?

  • Economic empowerment.
  • Educational empowerment.
  • Gender empowerment.
  • Individual empowerment.
  • Political empowerment.
  • Psychological empowerment.
  • Physical empowerment.
  • Social empowerment.

What Is Self-Empowerment?

Self-empowerment means making a conscious decision to take charge of our destiny. It involves making positive choices, taking action to advance, and being confident in our ability to make and execute decisions. Self-empowered people understand their strengths and weaknesses and are motivated to learn and achieve.

What Are the Characteristics of an Empowered Person?

Empowered people take responsibility for their external and inner life — their thoughts, feelings and actions. Empowered people do not shy away from the consequences of their actions. They are able to face facts, admit mistakes and know that it does not diminish their essential worth.

How Do We Empower Ourselves?

  • By developing a positive attitude.
  • By setting reasonable goals.
  • By surrounding ourselves with positive people.
  • By practising self-care.
  • By using positive self-talk.
  • By being assertive.
  • By creating an action list.

How Do We Empower Others?

One of the most effective ways to empower others is to express appreciation for their efforts. Offering positive feedback for showing responsibility and taking ownership supports initiative. It also makes people feel valued and appreciated, which fosters a positive work environment.

What Is Empowered Leadership?

Empowering others builds confidence in our team’s capacity to execute our collective mission and goals. Empowerment establishes trust in an organisation, and creates the secondary level of leadership necessary when you are not present for key decisions so that the organisation continues.

How Do Empowered Leaders Lead?

  • They communicate clearly.
  • They know when to talk and when to listen.
  • They share their vision.
  • They inspire others.
  • They act with integrity.
  • They have empathy.

Psychologically empowered employees believe:

  • Their work is personally important.
  • They have the ability to successfully perform tasks.
  • They have the freedom to choose how to initiate and carry out tasks.
  • Their personal behaviour at work contributes to important outcomes.

Key Questions to Reflect on as a Leader:

  • How empowered do you feel, personally and professionally?
  • Who, or what, empowers you in your life?
  • Who do you empower and how do you empower them?
  • How do you, or could you, lead in an empowered way?


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