Hannah Wilson portrait

Hannah Wilson

verb. make or become different.

noun. an act or process through which something becomes different.

I change my clothes every day… I changed a light bulb today… The spring is changing my garden day by day… Some people in my life never change…But I change how I feel about them… I am changing direction in my career… I am not someone to change my mind…

Change is a constant.

So why do we fear it? Why do we fight it?

Change needs courage. Change is about relinquishing control. Change evokes compassion.

Change is full of hope. Change brings happiness.

Change is about adapting. Change needs to be accepted with a positive attitude.

Change is letting in the new and saying goodbye to the negatives.

Change is an opportunity to grow. Change is often listening to your gut.

Change is something to explore, to experiment with and to embrace.

We need to reset and reframe how we see and how we experience change.

We need to seek change we can create, rather than to react to change we cannot control.

We need to change how we feel internally, so that we can respond to change externally.