Yamina Bibi portrait

Yamina Bibi

Coaching Qualifications

Accredited Resilient Leaders Elements Consultant Coach

Certified School Coach by Vision Vendor Coaching and Consultancy

Currently completing Andy Buck’s BASIC Coaching Training Qualification

Coaching Experience

Women Leading in Education (DFE)

Senior Leaders

Middle Leaders

Aspiring Middle and Senior Leaders

Early Career Teachers

Support Staff

Establishing and Leading Executive Coaching across schools in Inner London

Instructional Coaching

Coaching Style

I listen to understand and help you explore challenging situations

I ask pertinent questions to help you discover versatile and creative options and solutions

I will help you become more aware of yourself and others and see that your success lies within you

Professional Experience

Assistant Headteacher

Accredited SSAT Lead Practitioner

Professional Induction Mentor for Early Career Teachers

WomenEd Network Leader

Passion Projects

Blogging and public speaking about Teaching, Learning, Leadership and DEI at events

Writing and performing poetry


Monday-Friday evenings


Non term time

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Yamina has a very personal approach to coaching which is built on high levels of trust and mutual respect. Through her coaching, it is clear that she wants nothing but the absolute best for the person she is coaching. The impact Yamina’s coaching has had on me both personally and professionally, has been huge. I feel more confident, in control and in a better place than I was before the coaching.

Georgia France

Yamina has been a fantastic coach. She is not only competent, versatile, supportive and available, she provides opportunities for networking with equally brilliant people.

Being coached by Yamina has given me a clearer view of my goals and how to strategically align them with my values for Resilient, Successful and Effective leadership. Through my coaching and RLE journey, Yamina has elicited the brilliance in me and I have become more strategic and decisive in my practice as well as my personal life. She has helped to unlocked the potential in me and I am more confident knowing my hidden strengths. Yamina is a phenomenal coach!

Kofo Ajayi

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