Mandy Preville-Findlay

Coaching Qualifications

Accredited Resilient Leaders Elements Coach (Pending Nov, 2020)

GROWTH Coaching (GROWTH Coaching International)

Member – European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) – Practitioner Level

Coaching Experience

Future Leaders, Middle Leaders (Ambition School Leadership)

NPQH (Star Institute)

Private 1:1 clients from a range of fields

Coaching Style

I am a development coach, focused on personal and career improvement.

I ask the hard questions, some may shy away from, to support individual and group reflection sessions geared to build forward thinkers.

I believe that we become what we see and support work within the diversity and inclusion sphere.

I am skilled in using personal experiences to shape conversations and draw from the view that everyone everywhere has a story and someone somewhere needs to hear it.

Professional Experience

Director of Preville-Findlay Development Ltd (coaching, school development and training)

Teacher Training Adviser

Coach – Developmental and Mentoring

Head of School

Passion Projects

Cofounder – BEYOND IYANOLA (a diaspora-focused charity)

Blogging and writing for various publications

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Mandy is a very insightful and experienced coach who made me feel very at ease. Mandy was able to show me that I had more options available and that adjusting my own approach would give me a different perspective. Absolutely a joy to talk to and I was left with clarify and genuine actions.

Mary Doyle

My coach has enabled me to build my confidence and capacity to face challenges and recover from setbacks.

Future Leaders

My coach has challenged my thinking and made me think about how I can challenge other people’s thinking without being personal. This has given me the confidence to have difficult conversations.


Future Leaders

Mandy has a knack of getting you to voice your thought and talk them through so that you. One up with your own answers.


Future Leaders

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