Julie Rees portrait

Julie Rees

Coaching Qualifications

Accredited Resilient Leaders Elements Consultant Coach

CTI Accredited Coach

C-Me Consultant Coach and Activator

Coaching Experience

Women of the World project for What’s Inside Ltd

RLE Optimise Programme for Senior Leaders in Education

Making Stuff Better Coach for Educational Leaders

CTI group coaching for accreditation

Private 1:1 clients

Coaching Style

Curious, intuitive and a deep listener

I will hold you as naturally creative, resourceful and whole

I enable you to flourish and find your life purpose

Professional Experience

Head of Teacher of two primary schools with over twenty-five years’ experience in educational leadership

Independent Thinking Associate since 2003 working with schools in the UK and abroad

Local Authority Head teacher Chair of Schools Forum for 7 years

Head teacher support for COVID-19 response in Local Authority

Passion Projects

Coaching women from across the world

Working with emotionally challenged people

Values-based Education

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Julie’s energy and warmth radiate as soon as she enters the room. I had the pleasure of training with her as a Co-Active coach and was impressed by her dynamic and lively style. Her commitment to her school, the staff and pupils is amazing, and her brilliant coaching will surely be an asset during these difficult times of covid19 as she has worked all the way through.

Caroline Marsh

I have been fortunate to know Julie for more than 25 years and in a number of different and challenging circumstances. I have seen her develop into an exceptional leader, mentor and coach. Julie is always looking to grow and most importantly develop those around her to have a journey of adventure, challenge and experience. Her passion for life shines through in everything she does and she is most certainly driven by the highest values. I am pleased to not only call her a colleague but a friend too and I am pleased that we are about to work on numerous projects together.

Floyd Woodrow

Julie is an outstanding teacher, head teacher and leader. In my view her leadership of her school and community is outstanding. Her interpersonal skills and dedication to her staff and pupils are again outstanding. She is also a first-class presenter. I have no reservations about Julie.

Dr Neil Hawkes

I have worked with Julie for 6 months and the impact on my life has been highly noticeable from both a work and family perspective.  Julie has the ability to understand and connect with you, to draw out your deeper feelings that would probably remain hidden, but have the ability to make the most impact.

Through guiding conversation in a calm and understanding manner, I was given the opportunity to view both challenges and opportunities from a new perspective. By helping create a clearer vision, Julie ensured that both short- and long-term goals will be achieved.

Peter Webb

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