Isa Beuncamino portrait

Isa Buencamino-Agbayani

Coaching Qualifications

ICF Accredited Coach

TELEOS Coach Certification Programme

Accredited Resilient Leaders Elements Consultant Coach

C-Me Consultant Coach and Activator

Coaching Experience

Private 1:1 Clients

What’s Inside Ltd’s Women of the World Group Coaching Programme

FQM CEO Programme

FQM High Potential Coaching Programme

Interserve Mentor Development Programme

Interserve Ingenuity at Work Programme

Interserve’s Women’s Development Programme

Coaching Style

4C’s Coaching: Clarity. Confidence. Courage. Conspicuity.

I help ground individuals and teams in self-belief. Find their Purpose, Calling, Flow. Get clear on what to do next. Find the courage to take action. Develop the confidence and resilience to sustain change. Be visible. Feel strong. Be happy. Make a difference.

Professional Experience

25 years in Corporate Talent Management and Development. Developed and delivered leadership programmes in the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Job titles I earned included Recruitment Manager, Learning Manager, HR Project Lead, Programme Director, Head of Talent Development, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Trustee, Chairwoman, Facilitator and Coach.

Passion Projects

Women of the World Group Coaching Programme

LEAP. Leadership Workshops for Teens

#FastForwardDiversityInclusion – Live Webcasts raising awareness of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Designing and Sewing Flattering Clothes for middle aged women

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Having the opportunity to work with Isa at the end of a tough week was like slipping into a warm bath.



Isa was very good at helping me envision how I could integrate my interests into my future. She was incredibly supportive and talked me through the different paths I could take, but also helped me think for myself.



The coaching experience I had with Isa exceeded my expectations. I got more from it than I thought I would. She supported me in improving my leadership by helping me broaden my point of view, think outside the box and reflect on my strengths and opportunities. Her style, a considered approach that was challenging but gentle, open and sincere, quickly earned my trust and respect.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with. I found myself counting the days till our next session.

Dr Ercan Balci


From the beginning, Isa’s calm and understanding attitude allowed me to re-frame and contextualize my roles and responsibilities as an individual, father, engineer, leader and manager. Through regular phone discussions, I could stand back from the day to day activities, reflect on my priorities, set clear targets, and return to the real world more focused and aware of my actions and resulting consequences.

Barnabas Ngambi


Isa provided that safe space to explore, using the simplest tools to help me navigate painful topics that needed to be dealt with. The strength of Isa’s method is simplicity and pragmatic honesty. The absence of big, vague, empty word salads on “empowering” or “thriving” usually lost on me was refreshing. In 3 sessions, she enabled seemingly simple but impactful, practical mind shifts for me that made the difference in my being more confident about the new paths I had chosen.

Jill Mendoza


Our coaching sessions were a breath of fresh air. Isa helped me re-energise my career and personal life and put it back on track. She listened and highlighted the important points for my self-improvement and even change. Her inspiring spirit helped me go forward and uplift me tremendously. In a short span of time I have achieved so much.

Zharm Alkhayer


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