Skye Deane

Coaching Qualifications

Accredited RLE Resilient Leaders Consultant

Youth and adult Sports coach

NLP Diploma

C-Me Consultant Coach and Activator

Coaching Experience

1-2-1 and small group coaching and facilitation

Experience with early career, work returners and senior roles

RLE ‘Leading in Uncertainty’, ‘Accelerate’ and ‘Regaining your Mojo’ programmes

15 years rehabilitating patients back to optimal fitness overcoming the physical and mental impacts of life-changing injuries

Coaching Style

I will empower you to feel more confident in being ‘you’

Actively listen and help you unleash your potential

Connect. Believe. Inspire

Help you thrive, not just survive

Professional Experience

15 years Healthcare Professional and former British Army Officer

Leader, manager, clinician, mum

Passion Projects

Resilient Women Leaders programme

Empowering Military Leaders programme

Resilience in Healthcare workshops

MSc Leadership and Management Dissertation – evaluation of the provision of resilient leadership development for clinical healthcare professionals in England

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Being coached by Skye leaves me with a warm and memorable experience. Her values in serving others and being authentic truly shined as she worked with me in developing certain facets of my resilient leadership using the powerful RLE tool. The impact of both her empathetic coaching and the RLDP significantly shift my ‘less than useful’ perception and move me to where I want to be.

I highly recommend Skye as your ‘go-to’ Coach.

Sharifah Ismail

Business Owner

Working with Skye has enabled me to understand my role within my team when things were fluid and fast-moving.

Skye’s approach to her clients is both empathetic and challenging, good grounds for both individual and professional development. The elements are key to this as the progress is measurable, which I found reassuring, and it gave me a solid grounding for real, sustainable growth which underpins all areas of my leadership.

Jo S-B

Director of Learning

Skye is engaging, positive, full of energy and consequently very approachable. She has been very supportive and knowledgeable in helping me build self-awareness and my resilient leadership. I am grateful for the opportunity to develop my leadership ability.

L Brown

Healthcare Professional